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Gibson Directional Drilling

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Marvin N. SmithRetired Civil Engineer

A wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience are brought to the job site when Chris Gibson of Gibson Horizontal Directional Drilling visits to assess job scope. After site inspection and job requirements were presented by owner, Mr. Gibson made recommendations to produce a better, more economical product. For me, a direct drain line from residential basement sump to outer edge of lawn had many merits. A gravity drained system eliminated the need for sump pump and its attendant problems.

Mr. Gibson personally operates the drilling machinery and constantly determines that he is drilling “on line” and at correct grade (line slope). The end product was approximately 180 ft of 2 ½ “d HDPE pipe accurately placed at a reasonable cost. Mr. Gibson’s services and work ethic are highly recommended.

|September 8, 2019
Marvin N. Smith
-Retired Civil Engineer